No product is an island connects consumers with a product’s exact components, accessories, tools, gear and more.
products are in complete agreement is an entirely new technology based on an old idea: understanding a product, relating it to the buyer's need, and recommending relevant and technically correct solutions.


Make it easier and less costly for consumers, dealers, and service staff to find and recommend your product.

Tired of maintaining complex, hard-to-read compatibility guides? Looking for a way to share compatibility directly with commerce channels in an easy-to-understand way? Our Compatibility Management System improves the discovery of your products, leading buyers directly to your offering where it matters most: inside the shopping experience.

eCommerce sites

Recommend solutions that work, and work for your customers.

Does your customer have to think too hard? What if your site knew everything about every component on your site—from complete product details to precise “what-goes-with-what” rules? Our Expert Recommendation System empowers you to cross-sell larger transactions, convert more effectively, reduce cart abandonment, improve margins, and reduce the costs of returns.


Increase sales, improve margins, and reduce costs.

Are you taking full advantage of opportunities to cross-sell throughout the entire product ownership experience? Have you done enough to embrace the capabilities of digital commerce, both in your store and online? enables you to leverage one of your most important tools — product knowledge — to increase revenue, improve margins, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

We don’t guess, we know unifies product expertise from manufacturer to merchant to consumer. Customers better understand and enjoy the products they buy. Manufacturers lower their costs to educate sales, service and the end customer. Merchants sell more effectively. We help entire industries connect more customers with the products they love.

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