4 ways to promote SmartBuilder on your ecommerce site

The average SmartBuilder order is more than 5 times larger than an average Shopify order.

Compatio’s SmartBuilder is a powerful tool for shoppers to build solutions that work in the real world, because it calculates best-fit options using Compatio’s Product Graph.TM Part of its power is that it can be launched from any product detail page and help customers build an entire solution around a specific product.

But, SmartBuilder can also be a powerful merchandising and advertising tool, and some simple steps can significantly increase its effectiveness. Check out the success we’ve had with these methods below.

Smart Builder

Outfits, Systems, Setups, Rigs: help shoppers buy solutions

  • The first every multi-manufacturer ecommerce configurator guides your customers through building a completely custom solution
  • Eliminate hours of research and lengthy consultation
  • Adapt recommendations based on what your customers have already selected
  • Automatically display filters so users can find their preferences
  • Calculate total price as user builds

1. Pre-Selected Builders

You can now share SmartBuilders with product and filter selections already made! This can be especially useful when promoting solutions for specific usages, like fishing for bass or cycling on gravel.

To create a pre-selected builder, simply click the Share Build button below the Add to Cart button. This will copy a URL to the current state of the builder, for easy sharing your shoppers. (This also lets your customers share their builds with friends.)

2. Promote New Products with a Builder

Promoting new gear with SmartBuilder lets customers find everything they want to buy with their new gear! Just add #smartBuilder&blank=true at the end of any product URL you share through email or social media to automatically launch SmartBuilder with that product in it!

For example, a product URL that automatically opens SmartBuilder would look like this:


3. Banners and Hero Images

We see large increases in SmartBuilder use from headline promotion at retailers, and customer bases appear to maintain their awareness of SmartBuilder even after only a few weeks of promotion!

You can easily add a promotion to your store’s homepage by clicking <strong>Customize</strong> on your live theme, and then, depending on how your theme is set up, adding a slide in the slideshow.

To launch a SmartBuilder from a banner, link to /?smartBuilder&blank=true

4. Menu / Collections Page Links

One of the best ways to ensure customers can always find SmartBuilder is by adding a link to it in your site’s main navigation.

For Shopify stores, navigation settings can be found in the Online Store settings, under Navigation.

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