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Sell the right fishing apparel to your customers online.


The only ready-to-run fishing apparel configurator for Shopify.

Let customers build an entire set of apparel in one interface, using your product inventory. Our compatibility engine understands how fishing apparel works together, so your customers can build an entire outfit. Simply sync your catalog to our database and we take care of how products fit together.

Your customers can build, accessorize and outfit for their specific fishing needs. Then, your customers can add all the products they’ve selected to their cart in one click.

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Your customers will love your site, because they can buy with confidence.

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SmartBuilder Features

  • Use one of our standard configurators or request a custom builder
  • Combine compatible products across manufacturers
  • Sort products by CompatioScore™
  • Filter using our robust product data
  • Start with a specific product or build from scratch
  • Experiment with different builds by removing products
  • Browse optional categories like cases and bags
  • Add entire solution to cart with one click
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Limited Time Offer

30-Days Free

Install our builder and our other apps on your site for 30 days at no charge.

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Proven ecommerce apps, customized for fishing apparel stores

In addition to SmartBuilder, we’ve built the most-requested apps, bolstered by our understanding of fishing apparel.

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[tlg_spacer height=”50″][tlg_icon_box customize_icon=”yes” icon=”” box_layout=”left” image=”7265″ title=”Expert Cross Seller” subtitle=”Suggest best-fit, compatible products on the way to the cart” subtitle_color=”#00a1e4″]
  • Capture customers when they’re ready to purchase
  • Suggest products in multiple categories
  • Optimize conversion with one-click add to cart
  • Includes option to show product descriptions and handle configuration questions
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  • Improves sales effectiveness with expert recommendations
  • Gives customers the best options for add-on purchases
  • Automatically splits categories for easy selection
  • Combines variants for streamlined viewing
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[tlg_spacer height=”30″][tlg_icon_box customize_icon=”yes” icon=”” box_layout=”left” image=”7266″ title=”Smart Bundler” subtitle=”Dynamically generate bundles of compatible products” subtitle_color=”#00a1e4″]
  • One-click bundling options
  • Top recommendation from CompatioScore
  • Supports auto-discounts
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