Increase sales with knowledge-based commerce

Compatio’s recommendation technology is powering a revolution in the digital customer experience. By fusing data and expert product knowledge, Compatio’s eCommerce plugins help your customers make faster, more confident decisions to buy.

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Guide customers to build a completely custom solution

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Offer compatible
add-on products

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Dynamically generate bundles
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Suggest additional products
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Customers buy solutions, not just products

Compatio’s eCommerce plugins help your customers find the solutions they’re looking for with instant, expert-level recommendations based on information that traditional recommenders can’t factor in: a product’s purpose, use case, size, compatibility, quality of fit, price relationship, and more.

Works in any industry

Electronics  •  Gaming  •  Audio & Video  •  Photography  •  Landscaping  •  Home Improvement  •  Furniture  •  Outdoors  •  Ski & Snowboard

Selling complex products online is hard. Expert knowledge is needed everywhere, but that’s hard to give every customer when your business is growing. Here are the kinds of retailer challenges Compatio helps with:

  • Keeping a deep product catalog accurate and navigable
  • Maintaining detailed product descriptions to avoid confusion
  • Helping customers find compatible products
  • Assembling a multi-manufacturer solution
  • Fitting products to unique applications or needs
  • High spend on customer support
  • Dealing with complicated industry standards

Compatio’s eCommerce plugins are powered by the Compatio Product Graph® – a proprietary product data system that can be used in any industry. The Product Graph is maintained by Compatio’s live product experts and easily syncs with your catalog, making installation a breeze.

Turn your customer’s research project into a click

Industries that already love us


Determining compatibility has long been a time-consuming task for everyone buying, selling, and fixing bikes. Compatio’s system knows exactly how components work together, and can help customers and shop employees both figure out what to buy.
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Matching lines and rods is as much art as science, and Compatio’s tools help fly fishing sites put the best options in front of customers based on what they’re shopping for. Whether your customer is looking for a rod and reel to just get started or the best saltwater flats line for a 10wt rod, Compatio has you covered.

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The best tools for selling
complex products

Compatio’s eCommerce plugins can start helping you sell more effectively in no time!

eCommerce Integrations

Compatio’s tools plug right into
your existing eCommerce platform:

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